The DeGano Coaching & Consulting method is unlike typical consulting services that provide information, knowledge or expertise.  Our approach alters the way a situation occurs, and this correlates to the actions one takes.  Our clients are called to action on what matters most to them with a distinct power, ease and freedom. 

DeGano Coaching & Consulting empowers and enables people and organizations to deliver on what matters most—and to realize unprecedented levels of performance, greatness and quality of life. 

Joe DeGano is a former professional motocross athlete. He now applies his extensive background, using a world-champion approach in coaching and developing athletes, to organizations and leadership. His education and training to lead ontological* coaching and trainings began in 1990. He’s known as the “Unreasonable Man,” because of his unwillingness to accept reasons as a substitute for results. The students, clients, teams and businesses he has worked with have a track record of miraculous results, and many are recipients of numerous national awards and titles.

DeGano Coaching & Consulting is a world leader in organizational transformation and leadership. We have the resources, staff and expertise to work with any organization large or small in any industry to fulfill what matters most to them. Our staff consists of exceptional high performers from different business backgrounds, all grounded and extensively trained in our ontological* technology of coaching and training.

*Ontology - The science of being.  Studying the nature and function of being for human beings and the source of one's actions.

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DeGano Coaching & Consulting
Joe DeGano, President and Founder
Boise, Idaho

The basis of our work is restoring power and responsibility to the people we coach. Consider, it is never about the “other guy,” “them,” the economy, the industry or any circumstance real or imagined.

Joe DeGano