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We partner with organizations to see a new view of possibility — not the ordinary understanding of possibility, like when people say, “Anything is possible.”  With our clients we uncover viewpoints, beliefs and even superstitions to recognize self-imposed limits and perspectives of oneself, others and the organization.  

Client Breakthrough Outcomes:

  • 316% net income increase within 1-year

  • 206% increase in production efficiency within 6-months

  • Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year 2012

  • President's "E" Award for Exports, 2013, Department of Commerce

  • Spirit of Innovation, 2012, Tech Help of Idaho

  • AMA Amateur National Championship 450 A

  • European Supercross Championship Runner-up 450 pro

What Our Clients Say:

Lynn Hodges, President

I became increasingly frustrated with my business and felt like I was struggling in effectively leading the company to a higher level. I felt like all of the weight was on my shoulders. I hired DeGano Coaching & Consulting, and together we created exceptional teamwork, leadership, ownership, responsibility, accountability, honesty and communication. We created a new culture and are leading our company in a new direction with a brighter future. I could not be more pleased at the results that we have seen in working with DeGano.


Tim Bernard, President

DeGano Coaching & Consulting has been a great asset to Happy Trails Products. Joe Coached our operations staff through a "flow" process that was based on agreements. These have now become Corporate Agreements that started a legacy of teamwork.  We now have a process created through agreements that has yielded 205.76% efficiency in order process time.

Toni Cooper, CFO

I thought I had to do it all.  Now I see that the results of people coming together are so far beyond what I could do by myself. The bar has been raised, and we are no longer okay with mediocrity.  We are no longer okay with partial integrity.  It isn’t a new process that is going to get us to the next level; it is based on what we stand for that has those results fall out. When we take a stand, new opportunities and how to accomplish them seem to appear.


Our clients are the experts in their company and industry.  We coach our clients to recognize and get to the source of actions and behaviors through specific conversations with specialized terms. This gives access to new realms in which to view, understand and interact with the conditions at hand.  Hence, creating breakthroughs in the results of what is truly important to the people and organization.

Craig Mason, CEO

I learned confidence in myself that even I could do it. All I had to do is say it, and then do what’s needed. Having the confidence in myself to keep going after failure and another failure and another, and then finally success! 

John Salemme, Founder

I have never met someone like Joe DeGano who can take his brand of coaching, and give you life skills you will use to create what you want for the rest of your life.


World-leading, high-performance, championship-level teams do not come together by playing Little League-level games.  What a person is willing to give one’s word to and stand for constitutes who that person is.   One only need to look at history to find bold leadership that’s inspiring and engaging groups, nations and the world, in causes worth giving one’s time, attention and life to.  What arises is the opportunity to play the game of one’s life here and now. 

Ryan Gentry, President

Joe and I personally agreed to play a big game when we started this partnership, far bigger than any undertaking I have ever intentionally set out to accomplish.   There is no question that the progress we have made would not have been possible, or even conceivable, without the partnership with DeGano Coaching & Consulting.          

Dr. Jennifer Dorn, Owner

It was our first experience coaching and let me say that it was profound.  We have seen huge success both inside our business and within our (business and personal) relationships.  I recommend Joe's expertise to anyone looking to succeed in ways you never thought possible.

Coordinated action is simply doing what one said one would do, and following processes the way they were designed to be done. When we survey companies about their coordinated actions, most reported being between 20%—25% effective. Unfortunately most organizations overlook this dynamic of integrity, and it is the prevalent source of poor performance and frustration in organizations.


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