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Joe DeGano - Founder



Most consulting is delivering expertise or advice in order to improve, fix or change people and things. At DeGano Coaching & Consulting our approach is to empower our clients to create futures that occur as opportunities of a lifetime.   

Nothing less than an organizational transformation will do to provide what people are clamoring for and truly want to create with their time, attention and lives.

Our engagements are designed to transform the Leadership and the Culture through an ontological* approach that has a track record of creating highly effective leadership teams and unprecedented results. 

*Ontology:– The study and science of the nature of being or existence for human beings.

Together we illuminate the pervasive power and influence of the organizational culture.  Consider that culture determines what is and is not possible and how things are done around here.  We view culture as a network of conversations. Once we can hear the nature of the conversations we can then see the correlated actions and results in the prevailing culture.  Transforming those conversations allows a new culture to arise where results that were not going to happen – are now happening!

Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership

Our flag ship Leadership course in which the promise is: You will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and in the face of any circumstance.

Integrity: The Missing Factor of Production

This powerful, yet often overlooked distinction, separates the morality of integrity (good/bad, right/wrong) from the relationship of what was said or promised and what was done or delivered. This disrupts the ineffective verbal acrobatics of apologies, reasons and justifications.  Instead it opens up a culture of authenticity to tell the truth - Did I or we fulfill on our promises and on time?  


Merlin Strategic Planning from the Future

Imagine creating your strategic plan from the Future backwards.  Instead of being restrained by what you have or don't have in the present, you could invent from the future a possibility that opens up what you cannot see from looking forward. 

Speech Acts: The Language of Leaders

There are words that are actions and leaders speak that language to bring something new into existence. Rather than being limited to merely having your words describe the world, you will now have access to use language, to have the world come to match your words. 

Mission Control Productivity™ 
Mission Control is a workshop with an innovative approach to performance and productivity that dramatically increases organizational performance and individual effectiveness, while reducing stress and increasing quality of life.

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