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DeGano has worked globally with international organizations in the Fortune 100 and 500 and locally with small and midsize businesses.

In 2013 DeGano Coaching & Consulting was established to work with organizations to transform cultures, leadership, quality of life and to realize the unimaginable.

DeGano is known as the “Unreasonable Man,” because of his unwillingness to accept “more" and "better!” Instead, he inspires clients to play the game of their life now, instead of the "first this, then that" march to improvement.  He has a way that leaves his clients playing big games and even the game of their lives out to transform themselves and their organization to realize the unimaginable that makes a notable difference for one’s career, company, staff and society. 

The organizations and businesses he has worked with all have a track record of breakthrough results, which at the time were seen as impossible. Many are recipients of numerous national awards and titles and lead thriving companies with an exceptional quality of life.

Joe DeGano is a former professional motocross athlete who competed in the AMA Pro Motocross Nationals. After racing professionally, he continued with his passion for motorcycling and put his sights on business performance and worked with leading motorcycle brands such as O’Neal USA, Yamaha Motor Corp. USA, Bel-Ray Lubricants, and Rekluse Motorsports. DeGano’s championship approach and leadership in business created breakthrough results and exceeded what was possible including earning the U.S. Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year and the U.S. Department of Commerce President’s E Award for Exports.

DeGano’s education and training is in Ontology (The study and science of the nature of being or existence for human beings.) in which he has studied and trained to be a transformational coach and consultant working with individuals and organizations since 1989. DeGano states Ontology as the source of the breakthrough results for his clients.


DeGano brings a lifetime of experience and understanding from having the opportunity to work directly with many world-class professional coaches, business leaders and racers.

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